Effective Drain Cleaning from a Roof Vent by Patterson Plumbing

Customers are often surprised when they have a clogged drain and even more amazed when I explain how I will perform drain cleaning from the roof vent.

Drain cleaning from the roof vent? Yes!

It’s one of the most efficient ways to clear a clogged drain. On the contrary, minimal companies have experienced plumbers doing this type of drain cleaning. Some companies have made it a policy not to go on the roof any longer. Consequently, this means fewer options when clearing a clogged drain which ends up costing you a lot more money.

Here are five ways drain cleaning from a roof vent is an effective solution. 

1. You don’t have a clean-out.

What is a clean-out? The clean-out is a drain’s entry point with a removable drain plug. Once the plug is removed, the drain cleaning equipment snake or cutters enters to clear the clog. Although this is the most accessible means to auger a drain, not every home has a clean-out installed. Sometimes, main sewer lines have a clean-out installed. However, buried underground or under the house clean-outs are not accessible.

2. Clear Old Drains & Tough Clogs from Roof Vent.

Your home’s drains are old. As a result, deep clogs of possible sludge, grease, or stubbornly thick stoppage of food are embedded within the drain. Henceforth, how does one clear a clogged kitchen sink? First, fill-up the kitchen sink with water, because it helps the process of cleaning tough clogs. The water in the sink adds pressure to the drain system while drain cleaning from the roof vent. Once the clog is removed using the right-sized drain cleaning equipment, all the standing water flushes down. The hardened debris breaks apart and floats away while the drain cleaning snake rotates deep in the drain system. This ensures all the drain clog debris will be removed. Reoccurring clogs have been reduced. 

3. No Fuss, No Muss Drain Cleaning!

Subsequently, drain cleaning from a roof vent is a cleaner and faster method. Some clogged drains can be very difficult, so you must hire an experienced plumber (by the name of Ivan Patterson, hint-hint) with the right equipment to do the job. Drain cleaning from the roof vent is a reliable method of drain cleaning that also saves time and money. 

4. You Save Money!

Drain cleaning from the roof vent will save you money. It can cost thousands of dollars to build and install a clean-out. Clogged drains usually occur without warning. Empathetically, the last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars installing a clean-out, then snaking the drain. Markedly, drain cleaning from the roof vent is a cost-effective and dependable method to clear any clogged drain. 

5. 99.9% Drain Clearing Guarantee.

Drain cleaning from the roof vent offers the best probability of clearing clogged drains. Read my blog, The Truth Behind Drain Cleaning Scams, describing the 99.9% rate of cleared drains. Regardless of whether a drain is new or old, thick black sludge, chunks of food particles, heavy grease, tree roots, and many other combinations, will buildup. As a result, drains become difficult to clear. Word to the wise, always hire an experienced plumber (especially if his name is Ivan Patterson, dramatic wink) with the right equipment to get the job done right. You will save money and time, as well as reducing your stress so you can focus on important things.

Ivan Patterson showing the results after expertly clearing a drain from a roof vent

Thank you for your time. One more critical note, do not try to go on the roof yourself and place yourself at risk. Do yourself, your family, and friends a favor, call Patterson Plumbing to clear the drain from the roof vent for you. I hope you have a great day! – Ivan

Photograph of Ivan Patterson, CEO and licensed plumber of Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc. He is facing the camera, smiling. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt and driving his plumbing van.
Ivan Patterson
CEO and Licensed Plumber of Patterson Plumbing

Hi, I’m Ivan, CEO and licensed plumber of Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc. Thank you for taking the time to read my plumbing blog!