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Main sewer line drain cleaning service by Patterson Plumbing of a clogged drain caused by sewer roots.

Drain Services

Drain cleaning for sinks, toilets, showers, laundry, sewer, and yard. Clogged drains can be caused by food, hair, lint, grease, toilet paper, sludge, tree roots, yard debris, and corrosion. Regardless of the cause, I am confident when I auger the drain; I will unclog it. Patterson Plumbing has successfully cleared over 10,000 drains

40 Gallon gas water heater installation service by Patterson Plumbing.

Hot Water Heater

Patterson Plumbing installs and repairs water heaters with earthquake straps, water & gas shut-off valves, flex lines, venting, stands, and temp pressure relief valves. There’s a solution if you’re waiting too long for hot water. Grundfos Comfort System uses a thermo-mechanical device that attaches to the furthest bathroom sink, and a recirculating pump mounted to the water heater (tank type only). Consequently, it saves time, money, and water.

Dual flush glacier bay toilet installation service by licensed plumber Patterson Plumbing.

Service and Repair

Installation and repair of garbage disposals, faucets, angle stops, shower valves, running toilets, sink & tub stoppers, hose faucets, pressure regulators, and more. Did you know running toilets and leaking faucets can increase your water bill? Contact Ivan to fix these issues straightaway and reduce your water bill.

One inch copper piping, valves, and pressure regulator installation service by licensed plumber Ivan Patterson.

Piping and Gas

Installation and repairs of sewer, drain, gas, and water piping. If your backed-up drain has been augered a few times in the last six months and tree roots continue to block the drain, that may require a partial repipe and tree roots cut. A crack and leak in a pipe do not mean you will need to repipe your whole house. Repairing a section of a line is possible when done correctly. Look no further and contact Ivan for efficient and cost effective plumbing repair services.

Irrigation control valves repairing and replacement service job by Patterson Plumbing.

Irrigation and Yard

Installation, repairs, and replacement of irrigation valves and piping. Installation, repair, and replacement of anti-siphon valves are necessary because it protects your drinking water from contamination. Patterson Plumbing provides PVC line leak repair, outdoor Hose Bibb installation, and water shut-off valve replacement. Your plants will be happy.

Inline kitchen sink filtration system installation and drain cleaning service by Patterson Plumbing.

Reverse Osmosis System

Installation of Reverse Osmosis systems with faucet dispenser. An excellent method of reducing purchases of water bottles and protecting our environment is to install (by Patterson Plumbing, of course (wink)) a reverse osmosis filtration system at your kitchen sink. Clean drinking water at your disposal! Your body and the environment will thank you!

“I would recommend Ivan. We’ve used his services to replaces a cracked valve, and later redo piping in our laundry room. While replacing a valve, he noticed that the pipe was rusted and proactively replaced that as well. I appreciated that he was looking out for the overall health of the plumbing in addition to fixing the immediate issue.”

Advait J. – Google Review

Effective Plumbing & Drain Services

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