Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning for sinks, toilets, showers, laundry, sewer and yard. Unclogging of food, hair, lint, grease, toilet paper, sludge, tree roots, yard debris and corrosion.

Service & Repair

Installation and repair of garbage disposals, faucets, angle stops, shower valves, running toilets, sink & tub stoppers, hose faucets, pressure regulators and more.

Water Heaters

Installation and repair of water heaters, earthquake straps, water and gas shut off valves, flex lines, venting, stands and temp pressure relief valves.

Piping & Gas

Installation and repairs of sewer, drain, gas and water piping.

Irrigation & Yard

Installation and repairs of irrigation valves and piping.

R/O Systems

Installation of Reverse Osmosis systems with faucet dispenser.